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About Dr. Vidushi Jain 

Dr. Vidushi Jain is a top Dermatologist, Dermato-Surgeon, and Skin laser expert and serves in fulfilling the growing demand for Hair, Skin and Nail care. Dr. Vidushi Jain is currently running her Dermatology & Skin Diseases clinic Derma Links.

Dr. Vidushi Jain is one of the best dermatologists in Ghaziabad. Dr. Vidushi Jain treats patients of all ages, from newborns to geriatrics, and is versed in all aspects of medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. A crucial element of her success is the hands-on attention he devotes to each patient, spending significant amounts of time talking with each person to understand their goals and needs, educating them about the dermatological aspects and recommending excellent treatment, lifestyle modifications and cosmetic procedures for the best, natural-looking results.


Awards & Honors

1.    University gold medal for ENT in the year 2009
2.    University gold medal for M.D. in the year 2014



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1)  40th National conference of dermatology, DERMACON, Jaipur, Feb 2012
2)  41st  National conference of dermatology, DERMACON, Ahmedabad, Jan 2013
3)  11th  International conference of Dermatology, ICD, New Delhi,  Dec 2013
4)  CDSI  satellite symposium, Surat, April 2012