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Laser Treatment for Anti Aging

As our skin and bodies begin to age we experience a physiological change that diminishes the synthesis of collagen within the dermis and slows our cellular turnover rate to expose noticeably older looking skin. Elasticity, volume, and water loss are factors that reveal the signs of aging such as sagging, intense dehydration and discoloration.

The Age-Defying laser works better than any cream to make skin looks youthful, smooth and luminous. Skin is smoother and more youthful looking with a visible reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. Antiageing laser skin treatment work by fixing laser light into your skin. These ultrashort pulses fixed uniformly into the skin actually stimulate collagen production. Your body then starts creating more collagen and the signs of aging start to minimize.

  • Antiageing Breakthrough No.1
    Fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing- It delivers powerful results in wrinkle removal without harsh side effects.
  • Antiageing breakthrough No.2
    The new wrinkle injections, FDA approved four fillers, Perlane, Juvederm, Artfill and Radiesse to fill wrinkles and can get a youthful look without surgery.
  • Antiageing breakthrough No. 3
    Antioxidants – These skin care nutrients fight to age by destroying free radicals before they harm skin so that they can play an important role in anti-aging skin care.
  •  Antiageing breakthrough No 4.
    Peptides- small proteins that stimulate the production of collagen, Peptides have been the cusp of antiageing skin care.
  •  Antiageing breakthrough No 5.
    Vitamin A-antiageing treatments are the retinoids derivatives of vitamin A. It helps in increasing collagen production and decreasing collagen breakdown.
  • Antiageing breakthrough No 6.
    Antiageing Sunscreens – Helioplex and Mexoryl SX to defend against the Antiageing effects of short UVA rays.

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